Creative Writing

In addition to academic papers and research articles, I enjoy scripting the occasional critical essay, poem, screenplay, or short story. I admit that my skill in writing is less than stellar. The examples below demonstrate my best effort, given my current level of proficiency and creativity. I am always receptive to comments and criticisms, be they constructive or downright nasty. Thanks for reading.

Critic's Corner:

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Keeping it Real
It's Gotta be the Shoes
Photographic Frustration
The Physics of Toilet Paper
A Small Order


The Courier
A Leaf in Autumn
An Ode to the Young
The Wagon
Compact Car
At Home
Cafe Girls
Recovering from a Caffeine Headache*new*

Humorous Essays, Short Stories, and Screenplays:

The Pomegranate
Nose Hair
Hemorrhoid Café
Hemorrhoid Classroom
Modelling Salvation
The Underground Man

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