"Compact Car" and "The Wagon" were written as an extension of a bizarre dream I had during my last year of college. I have incorporated the dream as a scene of my first comleted movie, "To Thine Own Self Be True". I would post the scene on this page if anybody showed interest in reading it. To demonstrate interest, please go to the Contact Info page.

Compact Car

I pull my station wagon
into the half-full lot
and choose a shady
place to park.

"Compact car!"
I hear. And again
"Compact car!"
I look and see
an angry man approaching.

Pound on my hood.
Pound. Pound.
A look of rage
and all he says is
"Compact car!"

My family-values-with-wheels
takes the battery easily,
but I feel uneasy
and decide to remove myself.

Pound on the hatchback.
Pound, pound on the side.
More and more join
the parade screaming
"Compact car!"

Pound on the roof
and four more make the climb.
The sturdy steel structure
can take it, but it whines.

"Compact car!" they yell.
"Compact car!"
But I cannot appease them,
cannot escape my spot,
until they stop the protest.

ALB 1999

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