Light pours from fluorescent torches to illuminate
a world that fire forgot.
A constant, bussling whirl shoots
through our ears, to our brains
and we don't even notice our headaches.
When was the last time it was truly quiet?
You were truly quiet?

People used to think our future
was written in the stars
Most people these days
have never really seen those stars.
The future isn't written anywhere now,
but floats undirected through the digital ether.

The less connected we become to the world
the more connected we become to each other-directly.
The next chapter of man is written on the walls.
A time when sympathy is a matter of fact, not choice.
A world where there are more lives than bodies.
A vision that extends well beyond the horizon.
And ideas that moves faster than thought.

ALB 05-2001

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