"Compact Car" and "The Wagon" were written as an extension of
a bizarre dream I had during my last year of college. I have incorporated
the dream as a scene of my first comleted movie, "A Labour of Love".
I would post the scene on this page if anybody showed interest in reading it.
To demonstrate interest, please go to the Contact Info page.

The Wagon

I cannot bring myself
to believe, that a man
has wondered so far from
mild civility.

A wagon, family-sized auto,
pulls into the spot
clearly marked
"Compact Car".

I cannot contain
the beast within.
I strike wildly at
the intruding machine.

Other gentlemen,
perturbed as myself,
join in the onslaught,
to repel the viral carriage.

Our protest is in vain.
The station wagon lies,
unmoving, unharmed,
through the duration.

ALB 1999

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