At Home

For now a chilly rain doth fall
These ratty jeans I'll wear today.
My clothes will not be seen at all
By those who upon my fashion prey.

Alone among my myriad books
I'll spend all day engrossed in study.
Far away from the lures and hooks
Of conversation with a mirthful buddy.

Wandering not from my humble abode
Into the grey and dampened light,
But toiling upon my dense workload
I'll bask in my productive might.

Though foreign charms doth tempt my soul
To venture through this frightful dawn,
I will remain in my cozy hole
Lest I be blown and misted upon

Oh yonder sun that burns so dim
Save me from this droning sorrow.
End at once this day so grim
And deliver me a bright tomorrow.

ALB 5-6-03

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