General Information

I received a PhD from the University of Michigan in a joint program with the departments of Political Science and Philosophy, though my primary research interest is in complexity and methodology for modeling complex systems. Toward that end I earned the graduate certificate from the Center for the Study of Complex Systems, also at UM. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have engaged in a variety of consulting projects and was an employee of the San Diego office of the Lockheed Martin Corporation for over two years. Additionally I am president, owner and CEO of both Jika Tabi Inc. and Complexity Research Corporation.

Resume and Job Hunt

Now that I have completed my PhD, I am about to embark on a serious job hunt. I am interested in a complex systems research position, though I am open in the form it takes: academic postdoc or faculty position, government lab job, corporate scientist, consulting work, contract work, and others. For those of you who are interested, I have made my resume available here in .pdf format. In addition to my resume I have supplementary material (presentation slides, research papers, etc.) on my academic info page, and even more relevant material at my Complexity Blog site.

Jika Tabi Inc.

For a long time now, I have been selling jika-tabi (Japanese traditional split-toe shoes) domestically and internationally through my website A few years ago I launched Jika Tabi Inc. and scaled up my operation. I've now made further arrangements with the makers and once I get my supply chain ironed out it will be a full service wholesale distribution company for Japanese footwear worldwide. This is more of a hobby than a full-time endeavor that I do mostly because it's interesting and I really just think jika-tabi are great shoes and lots more people should wear them.

Complexity Research Corporation

Through my academic connections and through I occasionally get offers to build agent-based computer models...often for money. In order to account for this external funding source and to mitigate expenses related to it I created the Complexity Research Corporation. Now I am turning this into a serious consulting company. I have collected a team of experts in technologies such as distributed programming, data security, mobile device applications, system integration, GIS and map layering, user interface design, dynamic web programming etc. to pursue contract and constuling work in complexity areas. If you are interested in having me model something for you, or you need a team of complexity modeling experts to address your problem, then this may be just the path to pursue for your project.


Over the years I have developed some skill at web-site design, though I am a bit behind on modern web-development technology and not a professional web guy anymore. In addition to my personal site (which you are now visiting), I have also planned and/or designed and/or constructed and/or maintain the following websites with two more in the works for and

  • I planned, constructed, and maintain this website designed by Matt Moffitt of Mimas Design (2009-present)

  • planned, designed and constructed this fashion design social network site in one weekend, but it is not yet active. (2009).

  • planned, designed and constructed this research blog and complexity resource site with Ken Zick. (2005-present).

As a good friend of mine once told me, "Strategic planning is all about opening up options." If you have, or are aware of, an other opportunity that seems to fit my skill set, please contact me.

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