Education Background

My primary line of work is research and education about research, particular in the field of complexity science and its methodologies. I received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in a joint program with the departments of Political Science and Philosophy as well as a graduate certificate from the Center for the Study of Complex Systems, also at UM. I earned a Master of Science degree in mathematics and have a strong background in economics and computer science.

Employment Background

In addition to my academic credentials, I have engaged in a variety of consulting projects, workshops, and was an employee of the San Diego office of the Lockheed Martin Corporation for over two years. While a graduate student I founded the Complexity Research Corporation through which I offered workshops on complexity, agent-based modeling, network theory, and artificial intelligence. It was also a springboard for a variety of consulting jobs to construct models with/for professors or corporations that lacked the skillset in house. I took a job as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management to design a course on modeling for business analysis after taking such a job with Professor Mike Ryall. Before my current job as a research scientist at the Riken Brain Science Institute's Laboratory for Symbolic Cognitive Development in Japan, I worked at Sandia Labs as a postdoctoral appointee.


My resume is available here in pdf format. In addition to my resume I have supplementary material (presentation slides, research papers, etc.) on my academic info page, and even more relevant material at my Complexity Blog site.

Jika Tabi Inc.

Before entering graduate school I was briefly employed as a fashion designer, mostly shoes and bags. For a long time now I have been selling jika-tabi (Japanese traditional split-toe shoes) worldwide through my website Over the past few years I've stepped away from doing retail to focus on design and distribution...the fun parts. This is really a hobby of mine rather than a full-time endeavor. I do it mostly because it's interesting and I really just think jika-tabi are great shoes and lots more people should wear them.

New Opportunities

As a good friend of mine once told me, "Strategic planning is all about opening up options." If you have, or are aware of, an opportunity that seems to fit my skill set, please contact me. I love being involved with interesting people on interesting projects.

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