Art Photography

For the past several years I have been taking roll after roll of pictures attempting to capture some interesting images and unusual perspectives. I started photography when my father bought me an old Konica TC fully manual SLR camera and a telephoto lens from a garage sale when I was fifteen. It didn't get very much use until college, but I have used it to snap dozens of rolls of film since that time. All the pictures in Series 1 were shot with that camera. The Konica eventually died, and at the end of December, 2001 I purchases a new Canon Kiss III Autofocus SLR. I've taken a great many pictures with this camera since that time and my best efforts can be seen by clicking the various series below. Some objects are better catured by direct scanning than by photography. These scanned images are barely, if at all, retouched and are presented as a mode of photography, but without the camera.

Clicking on the thumbnails will bring up a larger image of each photograph in a new page. The photographs are available for sale as 8x12 machine prints ($40.00), as framed and matted 8x12 prints (in the Boston area $70.00), or in digital format for printing or licensing. Some photos are of different sizes depending on the composition. Larger sizes are available upon request. Please contact me by e-mail or by telephone at 617-817-3159 for more information.

Series 1
August 1997 to December 2001

Series 2
January 2002 to May 2002

Series 3
May 2002 to August 2002

Series 4
September 2002 to Present

Scanned Objects
May 2000 to Present

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