Movie Recommendations

Below are three lists of movies that I recommend you see, whoever you are. The lists are divided into three categories: movies that I recommend on their overall merit, movies that I recommend on their entertainment value alone, and movies that some special quality that makes them worth watching. Many of these movies will be familiar because a lot of them are universally recognized as great movies. Naturally I have not included every movie that is worth watching, but only the ones that seem to me to be especially noteworthy and that perhaps some of you out there wouldn't think of watching. To get more information about these movies, I suggest visiting The movies are listed in alphabetical order by category.

Overall Great Movies

Anne Hall
City Lights
Fight Club
Forrest Gump
Godfather I and II
Princess Bride
Rain Man
Seven Samurai
Twelve Monkeys

Great Entertainment

Groundhog Day
Happy Gilmore
Johnny Stecchino
Love and Death
Shanghai Noon
That Thing You Do
This Is Spinal Tap
Three Amigos
Top Secret
Toy Story 2

Other Movies of Note

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? - A recent movie by the Coen brothers that really demonstrates excellent movie-making qualities; even pace, appropriate soundtrack, believable acting, and a storyline with enough curves to keep it from being predictable.

Star Wars Trilogy - I wasn't going to put this on the list because I figure that just about everbody who knows what a web site is has already seen it. But if I left it off people would think I was lame and they wouldn't trust the rest of the list.

Tampopo - A great classic of Japanese comedy. This movie is chock full of social satire and ironical humor, most of which occurs in the sideplots. It can be rather cheesy at times, but what do you expect from a Speghetti-Western style movie about ramen.

This Is My Father - This movie is basically a programmed tear-jerker based on the all-too-familiar story of Pyramis and Thisbe. The photography is, however, magnicifent, glorious, and magical. Any real movie lover should see this just for the way it was filmed.

The Right Stuff - It has been a long time since we first went into space and a shuttle mission barely makes the news these days. But if you ever feel like remembering what heroism it took to get us there, this movie will do it.

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