Recommended Links

For better of for worse I spend a lot time on the internet. And in my travels I have come across some pretty amazing web sites. I have included some links to what I consider the best of the web. A site can make it here for many different reasons: content, style, unicity (uniqueness), humor, creativity, or usefulness. I don't pretend to have descovered all the really good sites out there, so please send me your recommendations if you have any.

Fun Stuff
The Onion
Twisted Humor
Go Problems
Exploding Dog
Nobody Here
Don't Blame Me I Voted for Kerry

Complex Systems
Santa Fe Institute
UM Center for the Study of Complex Systems
Complexity & Chaos Theory: Organizations as Self-Adaptive Complex Systems
New England Complex Systems Institute
CAS Webs of Delight

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Arts and Letters Daily
Philosophers' Magazine
Find Articles: Philosophical Review
Philosophical Humor

History of Mathematics
LaTeX Commands

Mark Harden's Artchive
Metropolitan Museum of Art
History of Art Resources

Science and Technology
National Geographic
Scientific American
Discover Magazine
New Scientist
Your Sky Astromomical Guide
Molecular Expressions

University of Michigan
Center for the Study of Complex Systems
University WebMail

Movies and Video
All Movie Guide
Atom Films
Tech TV | Eye Drops

Music (listening)
All Music Guide
Harry Chapin

Music (playing)
Mandolin Cafe
Homespun Tapes
Danman's Music Library

Cabela's Bargain Cave
Blank Shirts
Sahara and Pacebook Tablet PCs
Xotic PC

Manhattan Special Homepage
Polsteins: to order Manhattan Special
The Beverage Network

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