Contact Information

There are three ways to contact me: e-mail, telephone, and telepathic messaging. E-mail is the most reliable and the telephone is the most immediate (and I have voice mail). All I have is a cell phone so I can be reached anytime, anywhere, but I often turn it off if I don't want to be interrupted or simply fail to hear it ringing. Telepathic messaging is the most immediate, but even if I manage to receive the message I'll still have to respond via phone or email. I also have a physical mailing address, but if you want to send me something that way then you'll have to ask for it.

I absolutely cannot tolerate junk e-mail, so if you are planning on sending me an advirtisement or selling my e-mail to somebody who will, think twice. Then two more times. Then decide not to do it unless you want to get blacklisted forever. Also, I don't like e-cards. I won't blacklist you, but I probably won't read the card either.

E-mail: or click here

Telephone: 734-730-0031

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